Finding the right name for your business is a crucial step to starting a new endeavor, however it’s something that many business owners agonize over and spend way too much time thinking about. While a strong business name is a requirement for effective branding, it is ultimately not as important as good marketing and sales performance in achieving business objectives like making profit.

With this in mind, a business owner should use all of the tools at their disposal to come up with a suitable business name with as little delay as possible and start focusing on what really matters to the business. By using ChatGPT, you can speed up the process tremendously by outsourcing the creative thinking of which words might go good together, and help come up with word combinations that might have only arisen after a long brainstorming session involving multiple people.

In this post we’ll delve into the train of thought that guided each prompt and explore how we honed in on the best name for the business.

  1. Setting the Direction:

    To begin, we (ChatGPT and I) defined the core focus of the business, which involved helping real estate professionals leverage AI tools for improved efficiency. This guided the subsequent prompts to align with the target industry and emphasize the utilization of AI technology in the name.
  2. Exploring Business Names: We started brainstorming business names with “Data-Driven Deals” as the initial concept. However, upon discovering that the name was already taken, we shifted gears to find alternative names. We aimed to strike a balance between conveying a focus on AI and real estate while maintaining a broad appeal to allow for future expansion without the need for rebranding.

  3. Incorporating “Data-Driven” and “AI”: The original desire to highlight the data-driven approach led us to consider names that included “data” and “AI” as prominent components. However we expanded our scope to find alternatives that moved away from merging words into one. This led us to explore creative combinations where “AI” served as the third word, ensuring the inclusion of AI as a key aspect of the business.

  4. Arriving at “EstatePulse AI”: After evaluating numerous options, the name “EstatePulse AI” emerged as the most suitable choice. It captured the essence of the business by combining “Estate” to represent the real estate industry and “Pulse” to convey a sense of staying on top of the market. The inclusion of “AI” in the name assured potential clients that the agency leverages AI technology for data-driven insights and enhanced real estate operations.


When prompting ChatGPT to help you with a task, it’s important to remember that AI can’t do all of the thinking for you. You still need to do some high level thinking, like figuring out what your business does, who it’s for and how you want your brand represented. By including that knowledge into your prompts you can come up with ideas that are much more in line with what you’re looking for. With each new ideation you should use ChatGPT’s responses to spark your creativity and move your next prompts towards a direction you want to go, and compensate for the peculiarities that ChatGPT often includes in it’s responses.

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